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Paint Correction (Cut & Polish)

Make My Paint Shine
“Paint Correction”

A clean car can go a long way, but soap and water can’t hide paint imperfections such as holograms or light scratches. Sometimes, you need a single or multiple-stage polish
— which you’ll find it here at Mr. Detail Seattle Auto Salon.

We offer a variety of paint correction services that will get your car back to showroom shine, in no time (well, we may need multiple-days). But, If you ever wished that new car feeling could return, book an assessment with us today.

Every detail at Mr. Detail is customized to your specific needs, convenience, and affordability!

As with all of our services, the customer is in charge, and we’ll lay it all out for your picking.
Simply choose the prep package, stages of polish, and level of protection
that’s right for you and the needs of your car—we’ll take it from there.


Choose your size

Extra-small 2 seater car, single cab
Small standard coupes and sedans, small sports cars
Medium full size sedans, wagons, crossovers
Large full size suv’s, small trucks
Extra-large extended suv’s, vans, large trucks
Other cargo vans, box trucks, sprinter vans, bus, trailers, motor homes


Choose your stage

Single or multi-stage polish?

We highly suggest having one of our certified paint correction specialists evaluate the condition of your paint by performing test spots to ensure your expectations are met.

Bring your car in for a FREE assessment.

Free Assessment


Choose protection level

a. Ceramic Pro Sport (included)
up to 1 year of protection
• super Hydrophobic effect
• self-cleaning effect
• chemical resistance
• UV resistance
• prevents water spotting
• high gloss finish

b. Upgrade to Ceramic Pro Bronze
c. Upgrade to Ceramic Pro Silver
d. Upgrade to Ceramic Pro Gold

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Single-stage machine polish using an ultra-fine, gloss enhaning compound.

– Includes Paint Protection (up to 1-year)
– Duration: 1-2 days

xs $400 | sm $500 | med $600 | lrg $700



Multiple-stage, machine cut and polish, using various polishing pads and compounds to produce a showroom shine. This process will allow us to remove swirl marks, spider webbing, holograms and some scratches.

– Includes paint protection (up to 1-year)
– Duration: Multiple-days

Ask for a quote.



– Scratch Removal
-Texture Removal

Ask for a quote.

Prior to polishing, the exterior of your vehicle receives a thorough hand wash. Details include…

• lightly rinse or pressure wash the body, jambs, wheels and wheel wells
• chemically decontaminate paint and wheels using a ph safe iron removal
• constant flow of shampoo across vehicle while being washed using foam gun
• hand wash body and wheels of car using multi-bucket system
• brush and q-tip clean body seams, nooks and crannies, grills and other hard to reach areas
• mechanically decontaminate paint using clay bar
• exhaust ends cleaned and polished

Ready to make your paint shine? 
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