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A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer applied to a car’s exterior. Once applied, it creates a bond with the vehicle’s factory paint, forming a layer of protection on top of your car’s clear-coat to add an additional level of defense against the elements. Ceramic coatings are primarily formulated of silicon dioxide (SiO2) but can also include other additives, such as titanium dioxide (TiO2), to increase their protective qualities and longevity. After you apply and properly cure the ceramic coating, the result is a tough protective layer that should keep everything from bird crap to brake dust at bay.

Mr. Detail Brand “Ultimate” Ceramic Coating

Mr. Detail’s “Ultimate” Ceramic Coating is a 3+ year, extremely chemical resistant, ultra high gloss, hydrophobic Ceramic Coating. Withstands pH14, Mag Chloride, and our own Mr. Detail Hard Water. Mr. Detail’s “Ultimate” Ceramic Coating is insanely chemical resistant while also providing long-lasting results.

A. Mr. detail “Ultimate”


starting at
for size extra small car

Protection Includes:
1-Stage Polish,

Ceramic Coating on exposed
paint & plastic

small – $1195
medium – $ 1295
large – $1395
extra-large – $1495

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Ala Carte Menu



starting at
for size extra small car

Low gloss with high protection!
For Paint and Film.

small – $595
medium – $695
large – $795
extra-large – $895
other – ask for quote



Windshield Only

Mr. Detail’s Glass is a super hydrophobic, nano coating formulated for glass surfaces. This Nano Coating goes on ultra-thin for any glass surface and is proven to handle harsh conditions and extreme temperatures for up to 3-years. Clean and maintain Nano Glass coated surfaces with soap and water to keep the extreme hydrophobic properties viable.

add front side windows – $50



starting at
for face of wheels (set)

Extremely chemical resistant, ultra high gloss, hydrophobic Ceramic Coating.

Ceramic Spray


starting at
for size extra small car

SiO2 technology with Mr. Detail’s Ceramic Spray, an ultra glossy, Ceramic Coating. Commonly used on surfaces previously treated with Mr. Detail’s “Ultimate” ceramic coating in order to refresh their hydrophobic and UV resistant properties but can be used as a 6-12 months stand-alone coating. Recommended for annual maintenance.

small – $145
medium – $195
large – $245
extra-large – $295
other – ask for quote

Car Size Reference


two-seater, single cab


standard coupes and sedans, small sports cars


full-size sedans, wagons, crossovers, compact suv’s, big sports cars


full-size suv’s, small-trucks, 3rd row vehicles


extended suv’s, large-trucks, mini vans


exotics, cargo vans, box trucks, sprinter vans, bus, rv’s, motorhomes

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