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Mr. Detail Coatings

How it works



We require an exterior detail from our paint correction menu to be performed prior to installation of Mr. Detail coating products. Our professional detail technicians will help choose the level of correction your paint needs.

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Choose the level of protection

a. Ultimate (paint & plastic)
b. Ultimate Package
    (paint, plastic, wheels & glass)
c. Matte (paint or film)
d. Ceramic Spray (annual maintenace)


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Mr. Detail’s “Ultimate” Protection.

Mr. Detail’s “Ultimate” Ceramic Coating is a 3-5+ year, extremely chemical resistant, ultra high gloss, hydrophobic Ceramic Coating. Withstands pH14, Mag Chloride, and our own Mr. Detail Hard Water. No other Ceramic Coating is this insanely chemical resistant while also providing long-lasting results.


Protection Includes:
Single layer on exposed paint & plastic.


for extra-small size car

small – $795
medium – $ 895
large – $995
extra-large – $1095

Other Mr. Detail Coatings



Windshield Only

front side windows – $25
all windows (coupe/sedan/crossovers/truck) – $250
all windows (suv/van) – $300

Mr. Detail’s Glass is a super hydrophobic, nano coating formulated for glass surfaces. This Nano Coating goes on ultra-thin for any glass surface and is proven to handle harsh conditions and extreme temperatures for up to 3-years. Creates a scratch-resistant, easy to clean barrier that effortlessly repels water and protects glass surfaces from erosion.

Ceramic Spray


for extra-small size car

small – $145
medium – $195
large – $245
extra-large – $295
other – ask for quote

SiO2 technology with Mr. Detail’s Ceramic Spray, an ultra glossy, Ceramic Coating. Commonly used on surfaces previously treated with Mr. Detail’s “Ultimate” ceramic coating in order to refresh their hydrophobic and UV resistant properties but can be used as a 6-12 months stand-alone coating.
Recommended for annual maintenance.



for extra-small size car

small – $595
medium – $695
large – $795
extra-large – $895
other – ask for quote

Low gloss with high protection! Paint or Film.

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