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At-Home Car Care Products

For the DIY Detailer to the Detailing Professional.
Easy-to-use products that deliver long-lasting, expert-level results!


biodegradable gloss enhancing

Mr. Detail Car Soap is a super concentrated foam cannon / foaming car wash soap. Mr. Detail Car Soap contains a unique blend of biodegradable soaps and surfactants that lifts away dirt and grime with ease. The pH-balanced foaming action, combined with amazing gloss enhancing properties, ensures extra lubrication when washing.

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Carnauba-infused uv protection lasts for months

Mr. Detail Spray Wax is a spray-on/wipe-off, Carnauba Wax infused detailer that is crafted with polymers and fillers that conceal micro-scratches. Mr. Detail Spray Wax is safe on trim and plastics and contains UV blockers. It produces a super silky and velvety finish that lasts for months. 

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non-sling formula

Mr. Detail Tire & Trimis a water-based tire dressing that creates a medium gloss shine. The wipe-on, no-sling formula enhances the appearance and longevity of rubber, plastic, and vinyl. Mr. Detail Tire & Trim also doesn’t contain harmful solvents that will degrade tires over time. More layers = more gloss.

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Highly effective
mild acid-based  wipe or spray-on

Mr. Detail Hard Water is a highly effective, mild acid-based cleaner that acts as a stain and water spot remover, and wheel cleaner. Mr. Detail Hard Water easily removes calcium, mineral and fluoride deposits as well as rust from plastic, glass, painted surfaces and chrome. This wipe or spray-on cleaner can be used for car emblem restoration, paint decontamination and more! 

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cleaner & degreaser Interior & exterior

Mr. Detail APC is a ready-to-use, heavy-duty all purpose cleaner & degreaser. It cuts through tough dirt, grime, and grease with ease. It is extremely effective for cleaning any surface, while gentle enough for upholstery and interior components.

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